It is our goal to establish a progressive chocolate and confectionery company where highest standards of product freshness, finest ingredients, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction are our top priority.


Chocolatier, Tonet Tibay discovered her true calling for a sweet venture after attending Ecole Lenotre in Paris in the fall of 2004 and winter of 2005. Under the meticulous instruction of Thierry Atlan, MOF and apprenticing at the chocolat & confiserie production facility of the world renowned Lenotre in France under the supervision of Philippe LeGac, she has learned the French way of making chocolate confections that's been a tradition for centuries. Embracing another culture was not a problem for a Filipino American living in the multi-cultural city of Los Angeles. Food has been a major factor in culture. Growing up in the Philippines, she looked forward to her mother's "champurado" with chocolate from her aunt's farm in Cavite. Spending summers in the coffee and pineapple farm of her aunt growing up, were fond memories that ties to a culinary passion. Frequent visits to Napa Valley with her aunt and uncle during her early days in the states and understanding the wine process added appreciation and fascination. She believes that it's the love for the crop and the passion of the people behind it that makes a product the best of its value and quality.

Tonet graduated with an MBA degree in Business Accounting & Finance and worked in corporate finance of major entertainment industries in Los Angeles. After 15 years of being part of Corporate America, she took a leap of faith and decided to take part of the gourmet culinary industry. A chocolate lover herself, she decided it is through this medium that she will learn, create, help and make a difference. It's a fascinating living product with a good variety that can be enjoyed through various chocolate creations.

How long can Marti Chocolate bonbons be kept in storage?

Since we use fresh ingredients, we recommend that our bonbons be consumed within two weeks from purchase or delivery.

Upon storage, we advise to keep them in a cool dry place with a temperature of 65-68 F, free of odors and out of direct sunlight. Improper storage can cause discoloration and original flavors are masked when they are refrigerated.

What is causing the gray and white discoloration in chocolate?

Chocolate goes through a process called "tempering". It is heated, cooled and heated again to a specific temperature to stabilize the mixture and create gloss and a pleasant mouth feel.

The gray and white discoloration is caused by sugar and fat bloom. Sugar bloom is caused by damp storage of chocolate. Sugar is dissolved from chocolate by moisture then dries up forming sugar crystals. Fat bloom is made of fat crystals caused by warm storage of chocolate. An air-conditioned room is ideal for chocolates.

Is it true that chocolate can cause obesity, high cholesterol, and tooth decay?
Over the years, chocolate has been accused of these areas of concern.

Obesity is a result of an imbalance between energy intake and energy exerted. Body fat is stored because the intake is more than the usage. Research does not support higher chocolate consumption per se to cause obesity.

Chocolate does not affect blood cholesterol. It is found that after forty years of research and study, cocoa butter has neutral effect on blood cholesterol level from its saturated fatty acids.

According to dentists, chocolate alone does not cause tooth decay or cavities. Decrease in plaque pH, food, and susceptible teeth cause tooth decay. Food as an element causing decay is not necessarily related to sugar. Sugar is less cariogenic than starches because they dissolve in the water and saliva and are removed from the mouth rapidly. Cacao is not a cariogenic because it does not contain a fermentable carbohydrate. Bacteria metabolize fermentable carbohydrates from starches like rice, bread or pasta leading to tooth decay. To prevent tooth decay, oral hygiene, and regular fluoride is recommended.

What are the new health findings on chocolate?

Aside from the neutral effect of chocolate in blood cholesterol levels, researchers also found that chocolates contain a relatively high amount of phenolic compounds, which possess antioxidant properties. These compounds are beneficial to the prevention of coronary heart diseases. Both cocoa powder and dark chocolate have the highest amount of antioxidant because they contain the highest level of ingredients directly from the cocoa beans.